Friendship is defined by three things: love, trust and support. Every person need someone by his or her side to talk about the problems or the beautiful moments with him or her and that’s the essence of friendship.


Spending time with people makes you feel happy. When I go out with my friends, I feel free and protect in the same time. I meet in every weekend with my girls and we start to talk about dresses, TV shows, shoes or we just watch a movie. Sometimes, we talk about vacances and where we want to go to shop.
I’m good friend with my neighbour. We visit each other and we do our homework for school and we discuss about what happened at some subjects. For example, yesterday, ahe came at my class and she told me that she will have a Physics test. She was terriffied because she has a lot learn and a little time. I huged her, I supported her and I told her thet anything will be allright.


In my group of friends, I have some boys, too. We meet at the corner of the street and we buy snaks, we listen to music, we tell jokes, we buy juice and we enjoy each other’ company.

I know that I can trust my friends and that I can tell them anything and I can discuss my problems, they help me with everything they can, they are giving me good counsels and they support me. For me, this is the greatest part of friendship because a friend in need is a friend indeed.


She is my best friend. I love her very much.❤

In conclusion, friendship is the greatest thing we will always need.


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